The Cast for Aesop’s Fables and A Christmas Surprise.

Mrs. Aesop Venus Fuller
Tammy Tortoise Isabelle Torres
Harriet Hare Emma Mihaly
Amy Ant McKenna Sprandel
Geraldine Grasshopper Ashlee Walp
Wilbut Wolf Greyson Inman
Reba Ram Ashleigh Roque
Leonard Lion Matthew Lindsey
Marilyn Mouse Thrinnagee Bagtas
Francine Fox Lydia Mihaly
Carly Crow Ashleigh Roque
Miranda Mouse McKenna Sprandel
Millie Mouse Ashleigh Roque
Sheep Mhinnalyn Bagtas
Sheep Desiree Lawrence
Sheep Raegyn Sprandel
Sheep Gerilyn Bagtas
Samantha Shepherd Cree Noble
Samantha Shepherd Desiree Lawrence
Seth Shepherd Seth Sprandel
Villager Mariah Brown
Villager Harriet Hinderer
Villager Jace Jamison
Hunter Mariah Brown
Hunter Shannon Satterlee
Patty Parker Shannon Satterlee
Mother Parker Cynthia McEntire
Olivia Olson Lydia Mihaly
Olive Olson Emma Mihaly
Mother Olson Cynthia McEntire
Sephora Shepherd Coralee Gauze
Sandra Shepherd Ashlee Walp
Magi Balthazar Jace Jamison
Magi Gaspar Greyson Inman
Magi Melchoir Mariah Brown